“WITH AN “I” ON THE LANDSCAPE”


Frau em Fenster.jpg

                                                Caspar David Friedrich,”Woman Looking out a Window,”

                                                                     Oil on Canvas, 1822

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This installation “With An”I” On The Landscape,” was installed at the Elvijhem Museum (Now Chazen Museum) in Madison,Wisconsin, in 1994. It is part of on an ongoing series of works inspired by the German Romantic painter David Caspar Friedrich, (1774-1840) in the context of my ongoing interest in phenomenology, epistemology and the synthesis of German Romanticism and American Minimalism. The central image is a painting by Friedrich entitled “Woman looking out a Window,” (“Frau am Fenster”) 1822. It is a serigraph printed on plastic laminate with a wooden window pane. There are three sections: The central section includes the “Woman...,” centered in front of two painted horizontal stripes. a left section consisting of two painted horizontal stripes and a right section consisting of two painted horizontal stripes.

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